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タイトル: レイヨンの樹脂加工法に関する研究(第8報):既報薪万能型屈曲摩耗試験機による各種長繊維に関する基礎的研究
その他のタイトル: On the Treatment of Rayons with Synthetic Resins by Means of an Improved Method.(VIII):Some Basic Studies on the Properties of Fibers as Revealed by the New Poly-functional wear Tester Already Reported
著者: 齋藤, 楢夫
増永, 稔
和田, 倞
SAITO, Narao
WADA, Motomu
Issue Date: Sep-1956
抄録: In one of the foregoing papers on the present title, i.e. in the series(VI), The authors introduced a newly contrived poly-functional, versatile wear tester, together with the data on many kinds of samples and the interpretations thereof. With a view to establishing a more rational evaluation of fivers as to an over-all wear rating if possible, and also obtaining some information which might give suggestions for the improvement of treatment of fivers and fabrics, the authors tried to start with basic studies on the properties of unspun fibers, and especially with those of the behaviours when the fibers are subjected to the so-called “T.N.S. Universal Tester”, the poly-functional versatile one mentioned above. A tensile fatigue tester was also used in parallel with the Tester. Comparisons were made with the results of tasting from 3 different kinds of testing mechanisms , and confirmed the former findings that in the long fiber (the unspunn fiber) the mechanism of breaking the fiber structure is not always the same accrding as, and is particularly related to, the range of the strength of stress absorption of stress by the fiber is quite specifically proper to itself according as the mode of structure of each fiber. These conditions determine each own characteristic curve as tested by the Tester. The cycle n and the strength of (starting) stress f are in the relation N=Ne-Kl2, where N and k are constant. And k is a constant so far the mechanism of breaking the fiber is unchanged. The nature of the meaning of k in the rheological or other physical sense is not well elucidated, but for the time being, under the present testing condition, a soft of theoretical over-all wear capacity can be expressed by the 3 dimentional model, taking ln n, f, 1/k, or ln n, f, f, as factors, and assuming the smallest f, which is practically significant in breaking fivers in common Some practical consideration and discussion concerning discrimination of the results together with some suggestions are also given.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10098/5302
ISSN: 04298373
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