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タイトル: Feature of dislocation channeling in neutron-irradiated V-Cr-Ti alloys
著者: FUKUMOTO, Ken-ichi
SUGIYAMA, Masanari
MATSUI, Hideki
Issue Date: Aug-2007
出版者: Elsevier
抄録: Post-irradiation annealing experiments were used to study the recovery of microstructure and mechanical properties in V-Cr-Ti and V-Fe-Ti alloys irradiated at 228°C to 4dpa. After 500°C post irradiation annealing, dislocation channeling occurred at deformed area in tensile specimens and significant loss of ductility resulted. For post irradiation annealing above 600°C, recovery of damage structure and tensile properties occurred and irradiation hardening completely disappeared in V-3Fe-4Ti-0.1Si. Clear dislocation channels can be seen mainly in deformed areas of specimens showing significant loss of ductility, however, a pile-up of dislocations in channels was observed at a grain boundary where the channel did not penetrate into the adjacent grain. It is assumed that 3 defect clusters were absorbed by mobile dislocations and no debris or segments of defect clusters were left in clear channels of bcc metals and alloys under post-irradiation deformation.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10098/1790
ISSN: 00223115
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