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タイトル: Cochlear nerve demyelination causes prolongation of latencies of wave I of ABR waveforms and partial decrease of DPOAE of myelin deficient rat.
著者: Ito, Tetsufumi
Tokuriki, Masaharu
Shibamori, Yoshiyuki
Saito, Takehisa
Nojyo, Yoshiaki
キーワード: Myelin deficient
Auditory brainstem responses
Distortion product of otoacoustic emission
発行日: 5月-2004
出版者: Elsevier
掲載誌: Hearing research
巻: 191
号: 1-2
資料タイプ: Journal Article
引用: Hearing research, 191(1-2), 2004, p.119-124
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10098/1038
ISSN: 03785955
出現コレクション:01 雑誌等掲載論文


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